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The Cable News Network (CNN) is one of the best known network news channels in the world and has been operating since 1980. The station provides 24-hour news coverage and has a vast network of news bureaux and affiliated radio stations across the globe. If a story breaks, CNN will be one of the first on the scene to cover it.
You can watch CNN live or choose from a range of pre recorded video content and regular programmes. CNN has been first with some of the biggest stories in the World. The station broke the news of the 9/11 attacks with live coverage and in addition CNN have been influential in both Gulf Wars and throughout Presidential elections. The station also covers entertainment and sports news.
The station’s slogan is “Go There, This is CNN” and prides itself on its spread and speed of coverage. You can watch some CNN content live online via your pc or tablet. However, CNN is still predominantly a cable channel offered free with many packages or via Freeview across the UK. Check out CNN via     CNN Breaking News – The latest news, watch the CNN livestream. Or via new online videos. Watch CNN live. Whenever there is breaking news, CNN is there. Programs: Fareed Zakaria GPS, Morgan Tonight, Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Connect the World, World Sport, Global Exchange, News Stream, Quest Means Business, Amanpour. Tags: cnn news, money, live, student news, cnnsi, weather, electoral map, sports, weather, politics, poll, ibn, en espanol, headline news, smartphone

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